Yoruba Actors Should Stop Coming Out To Beg – Jaiye Kuti Responds To Backlash
Yoruba Actors Should Stop Coming Out To Beg – Jaiye Kuti Responds To Backlash

Jaiye Kuti, a popular actress in Yoruba Nollywood, has responded to criticism regarding her comments on veteran movie stars who rely on fans for financial support.

Earlier, Jaiye Kuti expressed her dissatisfaction with the increasing trend of veteran actors begging fans for financial assistance and car gifts online.

She believes that this behavior tarnishes the reputation of the Nollywood community and insists that it’s time for movie stars to put an end to this trend.

Jaiye Kuti emphasizes that Nollywood is not a pension-based industry and urges actors to plan for their future during their active years.

She also suggests that some actors who resort to online begging may have irresponsibly squandered their earnings in the past.

However, Jaiye Kuti’s comments generated mixed reactions online, with some colleagues deeming them disrespectful.

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In response, the actress clarified her position in another video, stating that while ailing actors can seek help online, those who are healthy should refrain from begging.

She explains that her message was intended for individuals who tarnish the industry’s reputation through constant pleas for assistance.

Jaiye Kuti mentions that she has used her social media platform to seek help for others, and has received messages of appreciation.

Her intention is to discourage those who feel entitled to assistance simply because others are receiving help from Nigerians.

She reveals that she advised two veterans against publicly begging for assistance, ensuring that they will have support in times of genuine need.

Ultimately, she suggests that only those who are genuinely ill should seek help, while healthy individuals should refrain from begging.


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