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Ways To Build Intimacy After Sex

Ways To Build Intimacy After Sex

Intimacy After Sex. Sexual intercourse is one of the most intimate experiences two people can share, but it’s not always clear how you should act afterward.
Here are some ways to build intimacy after sex

1. Compliment your partner after Sex
Let them know that you enjoyed sex with them. Communicating how good they make you feel can help you both grow closer and get more intimate. Remind her that she’s beautiful and let him know he’s handsome.

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2. Spend time together after sex
Instead of jumping out of bed right after the orgasm, spend more time with your partner. Cuddle each other and slowly come down from the high together

3. Take a shower together after sex
Depending on how wild the sex got, you could be both sweaty and exhausted. Spending time in the shower together, if that’s something you’re both okay with, can help foster intimacy between you and your partner

4. Hydrate and Prepare a meal after sex
Sex can be exhausting and dehydrating. After sex, you can get a drink and spend time cooking together if you’re both hungry. You can decide to order and spend time in bed resting.
You can also decide to prepare the food before sex and eat after sex to make it easy but it’s all based on choice. The goal is to build intimacy after sex.

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5. Have more sex
Of course, one deniable way to get more intimate is going at it beneath the sheets again. Give yourselves a little break and try a new position, or try a slower, more intimate round depending on what you want

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