US Influencer Could Be Facing A Jail Term In Dubai For Her Actions Involving Screaming
US Influencer Could Be Facing A Jail Term In Dubai For Her Actions Involving Screaming

Tierra Young Allen, a social media influencer, has been held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), for more than two months, facing the possibility of jail time after being charged with the offense of screaming in public.

The issue arose in April when Young, 29, was involved in an altercation with a rental company after an accident with one of their vehicles. Upon returning to the company to retrieve her belongings, she was unexpectedly presented with a substantial bill, leading to an argument that resulted in Young raising her voice and screaming. This act, however, violated one of the country’s strict laws regarding noise in public spaces.

In an interview with Fox 26, Tina Baxter, Young’s mother, expressed her concern over her daughter’s situation, revealing that she could potentially face prison time for the act of screaming.

The altercation was captured on surveillance footage, which will be used as evidence during the trial.

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Dubai authorities have confiscated Allen’s passport and imposed a travel ban on her during the ongoing investigation.

Quanell X, a prominent American activist and leader of the New Black Panther Nation in Houston, who has been involved in Young’s case, highlighted the country’s strict legal system, influenced heavily by theocracy. Dubai places a strong emphasis on maintaining decorum, especially for women, and raising one’s voice is considered unacceptable and punishable.

Quanell X asserted that Young’s actions should not be considered a crime, and he emphasized the need for gender equality, advocating that women should not be punished for actions that men are allowed to do in Dubai. He described the situation as unfair and unjust.


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