University Of Lagos Increase Tuition From N19k To Over N100k
University Of Lagos Increase Tuition From N19k To Over N100k

The University of Lagos has implemented a tuition fee increase, citing rising inflation and the removal of fuel subsidies that led to hikes in petrol prices.

The previous tuition fee, which was approximately N20,000, has now been raised to over N100,000, with the specific amount depending on the student’s course of study.

Undergraduate students at the University will now be required to pay tuition ranging from N100,750 to N190,250. The variation is based on factors such as whether the course involves laboratory or studio work and whether the student is enrolled in the College of medicine.

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In a meeting with representatives of non-teaching staff unions on July 20, 2023, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola, disclosed the proposed tuition fees for undergraduate students.

During the meeting, Comrade Rasaki Yusuf, the SSANU representative, requested a rebate for staff members with children attending the university. However, the Vice-Chancellor explained that the fees were set nationally and could not be modified for specific student categories. She did, however, offer the option of paying in installments for staff wards, with the condition to pay up one month before the final exams.

It is worth noting that in June, President Bola Tinubu signed the Student Loan Bill into law, enabling Nigerian students to access government loans at interest-free rates. However, the legislation also imposes penalties, including a possible jail term of two years or a fine of N500,000 or both for students who breach the provisions of the Student Loan Act.

The tuition fee increase at the University of Lagos has sparked discussions and concerns among students, parents, and staff members alike, highlighting the broader issue of access to education amidst economic challenges.


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