UFC Fighter, Israel Adesanya Speaks Out Against Corruption in Nigeria and Africa

UFC Star, Israel Adesanya Calls Out Corruption in Nigeria: “Everyone is Trying to Find a Way to Siphon Money from Someone

In a recent episode of the Hotboxin’ podcast with host, Mike Tyson, Israel Adesanya, the 33-year-old Nigerian-New Zealand UFC fighter, expressed his frustration over the pervasive corruption in Nigeria. Adesanya lamented that even though he loves his people, the government and others are always trying to find ways to siphon money from someone. The MMA fighter also pointed out that the problem of greed exists all over Africa, not just in Nigeria.

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The video clip featuring Adesanya has gone viral online, sparking a conversation about corruption in the most populous black nation. The timing of the interview is particularly noteworthy, as Adesanya had just reclaimed the middleweight title after a knockout victory over Alex Pereira in the main event of UFC 287.



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