Transition From Soul Mate To Ex-husband: The Unraveling Of Stella Damasus' Third Marriage
Transition From Soul Mate To Ex-husband: The Unraveling Of Stella Damasus' Third Marriage

The Unveiling of Stella Damasus’ Third Marriage: From Soul Mate to Ex-Hubby

Actress Stella Damasus experienced the collapse of her third marriage with movie producer Daniel Ademinokan last year. Surprisingly, she disclosed this week that she learned about the end of their union through a YouTube video.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ademinokan appears to have moved on, reportedly remarrying another woman.

The news of their marriage’s demise caught many off guard, especially considering that the couple openly displayed affection during happier times. Damasus once referred to her ex-partner as her ‘best friend and soul mate.’

On Daniel’s birthday on July 31, 2020, Stella praised him as an exceptional husband on Instagram, describing him as a blessing in her life and expressing her love and gratitude for his selflessness and care.

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During the initial days of their marriage, Stella faced criticism from many who believed she played a role in the breakdown of Ademinokan’s marriage to another actress, Doris Simeon. Some argued that she should have discouraged Ademinokan from taking his son, David, whom he shares with Doris, to the United States with her.

However, in a December 2014 interview with media personality Emma Emerson, Stella addressed these issues. She stated, “I am not a child. I am 36 years old. I’m not about to start hiding myself.” Stella questioned why no one confronted her directly if they believed she had done something wrong.

Stella also claimed that her marriage to Ademinokan was initially a necessity rather than a choice.

During an interview with Teju Babyface, she revealed, “Religion compelled us (her and Daniel) to marry when we shouldn’t have. He was an amazing friend, but as a couple, things didn’t work out. We made mistakes. When we separated, out of respect for each other, we kept it private.”

Stella explained how their church influenced their marriage. They were both actively involved in the church, and church leaders believed that their positions could lead to temptations. She noted that at that time, she focused more on church work and followed the church’s guidance without questioning it.

Stella seems to have moved forward from this chapter of her life, sharing beautiful photos of herself and her daughters on social media. Celebrities like Kate Henshaw, Mofe Duncan, and Bouqui have shown their support by engaging with her posts.


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