TikTok User Jailed Three Years For Cyberstalking Eniola Badmus
TikTok User Jailed Three Years For Cyberstalking Eniola Badmus

Nwakaego Okoye, a female user on TikTok, has been sentenced to a three-year prison term for engaging in cyberstalking against Eniola Badmus, a prominent figure in the Nollywood industry.

The ruling was issued by Justice Nicholas Oweibo of the Federal High Court in Lagos on a Wednesday.

The conviction of Nwakaego came about after she pleaded guilty to two counts of cyberstalking.

Considering the defendant’s expression of remorse, Justice Oweibo presented an alternative to incarceration – Nwakaego could opt to pay a fine of N150,000 instead of serving time behind bars.

As outlined in the charges, Nwakaego and an individual named Chimabia (who is currently evading authorities) collaborated to commit the offense between December 2022 and July 2023 within the confines of Lagos.

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This action was found to be in violation of Sections 24(1)(b)(2)(a)(c) and 27 of the 2015 Cybercrimes Act.

Okoye, who was apprehended for disseminating defamatory statements about actress Eniola Badmus, openly admitted that she had done so due to the promise of N200,000 from her friend, Fortune Ibe.

In a video recording, Okoye offered her apologies, explaining that her financial desperation had driven her to engage in such behavior. She expressed, “I deeply regret my actions; my decision was driven by the pressing need to cover my rent. It was solely due to my dire financial circumstances that I resorted to such actions.”

Concurrently, in response to Okoye’s arrest, Eniola Badmus declined attempts to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom. She remained steadfast in her decision to pursue legal action, emphasizing the significance of protecting her hard-earned reputation.


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