Three Actions To Avoid When You're Not In A Marital Relationship With A Woman
Three Actions To Avoid When You're Not In A Marital Relationship With A Woman

While expressing love and support for our loved ones is important, there are specific actions that should be approached with caution, even when our affection is deep.

Sponsoring their education: If you wish to support a woman’s education, do it as a gesture of goodwill. By doing so, you set realistic expectations and maintain flexibility. Sponsoring someone’s education with the intention of marriage can lead to emotional distress if they decide to part ways. Any substantial financial commitment can become burdensome if it doesn’t yield a return.

Assuming all financial responsibilities: It’s advisable not to assume full financial responsibility for someone, especially when you’re not married. While it’s essential to care for your loved one, giving gifts and occasional financial assistance are ways to express love. However, taking on every financial obligation can blur the line between genuine affection and financial dependency.

Avoid cohabitation: Many couples enjoy spending extended periods together, even living together before marriage. However, if you’re not married, it’s wise to refrain from full cohabitation. Although it may be challenging, this approach can help you avoid potential complications and conflicts in the future. Waiting until legal marriage can save you from certain costs and dramas.

Love can inspire grand gestures, but it’s vital to handle financial support with care and clear boundaries, particularly in non-marital relationships. Maintaining open communication and mutual understanding is crucial for a healthy and satisfying partnership.


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