Those Who Killed Mohbad Will Never “Blow” Like Him – Portable
Those Who Killed Mohbad Will Never “Blow” Like Him – Portable

Street hip-hop artist Portable has boldly stated that those responsible for the tragic death of singer MohBad will never achieve the same level of fame as him. MohBad, also known as Imole, received significant global attention even after his untimely demise. His music experienced a surge in popularity, with continuous streaming of all his tracks, both old and new.

Portable, who recently released a tribute song titled ‘Alimi’ for MohBad, openly acknowledged the immense talent possessed by the late rapper. He passionately lamented the lack of genuine love and support within the music industry. Drawing a poignant comparison, Portable highlighted the fate of the legendary American rapper 2Pac, underscoring that genuine talent would always shine, even in the face of jealousy and adversity.

Furthermore, Portable strongly condemned the prevalent fake love within the music industry, urging others to appreciate and support talented individuals instead of hindering their success. He emphasized the importance of not jeopardizing the chances of others after achieving personal success and encouraged fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for budding stars.


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