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Things To Know About Late Wizkid’s Mum

Things To Know About Late Wizkid’s Mum
Things To Know About Late Wizkid’s Mum

Ayodeji Balogun, a widely acclaimed figure in hip-hop and modern Afrobeats, famously recognized as Wizkid, endured the sorrowful loss of his mother, Jane Balogun, on Friday.

Confirming the unfortunate news, the artiste’s manager, Sunday Aare, revealed that Wizkid’s mother passed away in the early hours of Friday at 1:30 am.

Here are 10 key details about Whizkid’s mother:

1. Jane Dolapo Balogun was her complete name.

2. She hailed from the Shitta-Bey lineage located in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. played an instrumental role in WizKid’s life, actively supporting his burgeoning musical dreams from his youthful years.

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4. Fostering WizKid’s fascination with music, she facilitated his musical journey by procuring instruments and encouraging his participation in the church choir.

5. WizKid has consistently acknowledged his mother as his most significant wellspring of inspiration and unwavering strength on his path to achievement.

6. Single-handedly raising WizKid and his siblings, she displayed remarkable resilience and unwavering determination.

7. She acquired a Social Sciences degree from the University of Lagos.

8. Balogun was recognized for her entrepreneurial ventures and her wholehearted commitment to the welfare of her family.

9. Even in the face of adversity, she remained an unyielding bastion of support throughout WizKid’s meteoric ascent to stardom.

10. WizKid frequently conveyed his profound affection and gratitude towards his mother through his music and public declarations.



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