The Supreme Court Dismisses APM's Appeal Challenging Tinubu
The Supreme Court Dismisses APM's Appeal Challenging Tinubu

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal filed by the Allied Peoples Movement, which sought to challenge President Tinubu’s election. The party contended that the president’s nominee, Ibrahim Masari, was not replaced within the 14-day period as mandated by Section 33 of the Electoral Act.

During Monday’s hearing, the party’s lead counsel, Chukwuma-Machukwu Ume, clarified that their appeal focused on the alleged illegal nomination of Vice President Kashim Shettima, not on double nomination. The court, headed by John Okoro, questioned the party’s motives, asking what they hoped to achieve through the appeal.

The panel pointed out that the appeal lacked substantial merit, suggesting that it might have been an attempt to create unnecessary legal complications. The court inquired about the party’s gains, stating, “What will you gain if you win this appeal? There are other appeals that are asking for something substantial. There is nothing to gain but to give us work to do. You are not asking us to put your candidate there as president.”

In response, the APM lawyer opted to withdraw the appeal. This decision was not contested by the legal representatives of APC, INEC, Ibrahim Masari, and Tinubu. Consequently, the court officially struck out the appeal following its withdrawal.


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