Sweden Declares Sex As A Sport - Each Sex ‘Match’ To Last For 45-60 Mins

Sweden Unveils Sensational European Sex Championship: A Thrilling Tournament Redefining Pleasure as a Sport

Prepare for an unprecedented event as Sweden breaks new ground by recognizing sex as a sport. Get ready for the exhilarating European Sex Championship, set to kick off next week under the watchful eye of the Swedish Sex Federation.

In this groundbreaking competition, participants will engage in intense matches lasting 45 to 60 minutes, competing for six hours each day over several weeks. Hailing from various European countries, these competitors will showcase their extraordinary skills across 16 different disciplines.

With categories ranging from seduction to endurance, oral prowess to artistic performance, and even creativity in position changes, this championship will push the boundaries of pleasure. Participants will earn points, ranging from 5 to 10, for their exceptional execution of each discipline, as determined by a combination of public votes and a panel of expert judges.

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Breaking stereotypes and embracing inclusivity, the European Sex Championship welcomes competitors of all genders and sexual orientations. The strategic value of sexual orientation within this sport is highlighted, paving the way for potential adoption by other European nations.

Dragan Bratych, President of the Swedish Federation of Sex, envisions a future where sex is acknowledged as a legitimate sport. Recognizing the physical and mental well-being benefits of sexual engagement, he emphasizes the importance of training and satisfying one’s partner. In this unique sport, success is measured by the pleasure given to the opponent, making everyone a winner in the pursuit of happiness.

While traditional sports may demoralize rivals, the focus of sex as a sport is on maximizing pleasure. As Bratych explains, “The more pleasure your partner experiences, the more points you earn.”

The Swedish Sex Federation considers sex as a sport to be a challenging activity that requires inventiveness, emotional intelligence, physical health, and stamina. As the sport evolves, competition regulations will adapt to reflect advancements and demands.

This extraordinary event echoes a controversial incident in 2021, when students from a Roman Catholic college in Minnesota organized a misguided “sex competition.” The incident sparked outrage and protests, demonstrating the need for responsible and consensual engagement in matters of pleasure.

Get ready to witness a truly revolutionary tournament as Sweden leads the way in redefining pleasure as a thrilling and engaging sport.



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