#SubsidyProtests: Katsina Joins NLC Protest
#SubsidyProtests: Katsina Joins NLC Protest

Members of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Katsina State participated in the nationwide protest on Wednesday, expressing solidarity with their fellow citizens who have been grappling with hardships resulting from recent government policies, including the removal of fuel subsidy.

Gathering at the state headquarters along Kano Road, the assembled members, including representatives from affiliated unions, were on the brink of embarking on a protest march as this report was filed.

Hussaini Hamisu, the Chairman of NLC in Katsina, outlined the planned route for the march, which would take the demonstrators through Steel Rolling Mill roundabout and WTC roundabout before returning to the headquarters for a public address.

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Hamisu emphasized that the purpose of the protest was to highlight the struggles of Nigerians and communicate their grievances.

He further explained that the subsequent course of action would be determined by the national headquarters of the NLC, which would review the reports submitted by various state chapters following the protest.

Hamisu stated, “Today’s protest is a unified expression across the country, and Katsina State is an active participant. Future steps will depend on the NLC national headquarters once they have reviewed the reports from state chapters after the protest.”

He clarified, “It’s important to note that today’s protest is not a strike. It serves to shed light on the hardships faced by ordinary Nigerians as a result of recent decisions by the Federal Government, including the removal of fuel subsidy.”

Amid the protest, the state police command deployed officers at strategic locations across the capital city, including the entrance to the NLC headquarters.


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