Subsidy: I Know Nigerians Are Suffering – Tinubu
Subsidy: I Know Nigerians Are Suffering – Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has expressed his understanding of the challenges faced by Nigerians following the removal of fuel subsidies. He assures the public that this decision is made in the best interest of the country, aiming to ensure future prosperity.

During a meeting with 18 governors who served alongside him in the Class of 1999, Tinubu appealed for patience from the Nigerian people. He assured them that a comprehensive framework for palliatives to address the impact of fuel subsidy removal is being developed.

Tinubu emphasizes the government’s commitment to expedite the process and establish a foolproof social security structure that safeguards against compromises, particularly in cash transfers. He acknowledges the suffering of the people but compares it to the pain of childbirth, which ultimately leads to joy and relief.

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Tinubu believes that Nigeria’s rebirth through the removal of fuel subsidies benefits the majority of the population, as opposed to a few smugglers. He urges the people to remain patient.

Regarding palliatives, Tinubu emphasizes the need to prevent cash transfers from falling into the wrong hands. He acknowledges the difficulty and pinching effects of the situation but assures everyone that the country will eventually rejoice in its prosperity.

In line with this, Tinubu has written to the House of Representatives requesting an amendment to the 2023 supplementary appropriation act to allocate N500 billion for the provision of palliatives. This request aims to support the government in providing relief measures to cushion the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

The letter from the President was read by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, during a plenary session on Wednesday. Tinubu’s request highlights the importance of providing palliatives to alleviate the effects of the fuel subsidy removal.


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