Shocking Report Shows Over 42,000 Schoolgirls In Tanzania Drop Out Due To Pregnancy

According to a report by the Controller and Auditor General of Tanzania, over 42,000 schoolgirls dropped out of school between July 2021 and June 2022 after becoming pregnant. Out of these, 23,009 were from secondary schools and 19,945 were from primary schools. The report revealed that impregnated secondary schoolgirls accounted for 28% of the 82,236 girls that were supposed to complete their ordinary-level education in 2021.

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The report also stated that these schoolgirls were from 19 local government authorities across the country, with the highest number of impregnated schoolgirls being in Kinondoni municipality in Dar es Salaam region with 4,652 girls.

This is a concerning issue that needs immediate attention from policymakers in Tanzania to ensure that girls are given the opportunity to continue their education and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.


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