Sex Was A Punishment In My First Marriage, My Ex-husband Demanded It Frequently - Foluke Daramola Reveals

Discover the Untold Story of Nollywood Star, Foluke Daramola Salako’s First Marriage and Her Courageous Stand Against Control and Abuse

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Salako is breaking the silence on her past marriage and the red flags she ignored in relationships. In an exclusive interview with TVC Your View, the wife of a politician, Kayode Salako, opened up about the controlling behavior of her first husband that led her to cut her sim card on her wedding night.

Despite recognizing the signs of abuse like anger and monitoring her every move, the 45-year-old still decided to get married. She revealed that societal pressure and her ex-hubby’s demands pushed her toward the decision.

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However, her inability to speak up was due to her fear of being judged by others. Now, Foluke is using her platform to raise awareness about control and abuse in relationships.

Her brave and candid confession is inspiring many women to speak up and stand against abuse. Join the movement today and let’s put an end to control and abuse in all forms of relationships.

“I lost my virginity through rape, so sex to me was punishment and the person I got married to wanted it every time. It felt like he was beating me.”

“When I wanted to enter my first marriage, the sign was there even though my partner was rushing me into marriage and I was like my friends were getting married. All the signs were there. Anger issues.

“My first experience was on my wedding night. I got a broken sim cause I had to change to a new sim. I saw the signs of abuse and anger but I overlooked them. I had to stay there because of what proof would say.”


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