Rita Edochie Urges Judy Austin: Let Yul Go From Your Grasp
Rita Edochie Urges Judy Austin: Let Yul Go From Your Grasp

A potential conflict seems to be brewing between Nollywood actresses Rita Edochie and Judy Austin, evident from Rita’s recent Instagram post.

On her official Instagram handle, Rita Edochie, known for her willingness to address controversies, issued a warning to Judy, urging her to release Yul from her grip and allow him to focus on his marriage to May. Rita threatened consequences if Judy persisted in her actions of trying to snatch Yul away.

This post by Rita might have been prompted by recent posts made by Judy, where she passionately expressed her frustration with people spreading false stories about her husband, Yul, and their marriage. Judy defended Yul, asserting that he is a grown man capable of making his own decisions without others dictating his life.

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Moreover, Judy addressed the criticism directed at Yul for his grieving process after the loss of their child. She questioned those who were quick to judge and advised them to wait until they experienced a similar tragedy before attempting to understand how one mourns a child.

The tension between the two actresses appears to be escalating, and their public statements on social media are reflecting the growing unease between them.


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