Rema Calls for Respect Towards Big OGs in the Music Industry

Nigerian music sensation, Rema, has called on fellow musicians to urge their fans to show respect towards their senior colleagues in the industry, often referred to as OGs. In a recent interview, Rema clarified rumors of a beef with fellow artist Davido, stating that he sees him as an OG and has never disrespected him or any other pioneer in the field.

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Rema also expressed his displeasure with fans who try to instigate conflicts between him and other OGs. As a rising star in the industry, Rema emphasizes the importance of showing reverence to those who paved the way.

He explained:

“I have so much respect for the OGs in the game and I don’t like my fans comparing & trying to put me against them. “The peace among Afrobeats artistes is one of the reasons why the genre is where it is today.”

“I always caution my fans when I see them comparing me to my Big Bros and I expect every artiste to do same when they see their fans trying to spark up problematic conversations,” he added.


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