Prophet Fufeyin Grants A 10 Million Naira Scholarship To The Deceased Mohbad's Child
Prophet Fufeyin Grants A 10 Million Naira Scholarship To The Deceased Mohbad's Child

In a touching demonstration of compassion and generosity, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, based in Warri, Delta State, has offered a scholarship of 10 million Naira to Liam Aloba, the five-month-old son of the late Nigerian musician, Promise Oladimeji Aloba, widely known as MohBad.

The news of the 10 million Naira scholarship donation to MohBad’s family made waves on social media when a delegation, apparently representing Fufeyin, visited MohBad’s home in Lagos.

The passing of the Nigerian singer has been a topic of discussion for weeks, given the circumstances surrounding his death.

In response to Prophet Fufeyin’s benevolent gesture, social media platforms erupted with praises and commendations for the respected spiritual leader. Numerous prominent figures and netizens expressed their gratitude for his act of kindness.

On X (formerly Twitter), users, including prominent personalities, took to their accounts to applaud Prophet Fufeyin’s philanthropic deed. Many hailed it as a shining example of true leadership, empathy, and love for fellow citizens.

@nnekajim tweeted, “I’m thoroughly impressed with Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s donation to MohBad’s son. This is a demonstration of true leadership and empathy.”

@imolenizationtv, a mother herself, shared, “As a mother, I can only imagine how grateful MohBad’s family must be feeling right now. Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s contribution will go a long way in securing the future of MohBad’s son. 10 million Naira is a substantial amount in Nigeria today.”

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s act of kindness not only underscores the power of compassion but also serves as a reminder of the positive impact individuals can have on society when they lend a helping hand.

@BullaNaijaTv succinctly summed up the sentiments of many with their tweet: “The world needs more people like Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin. His contribution to MohBad’s family will undoubtedly improve their lives.”

In a world often filled with challenges and uncertainties, acts of kindness like this one continue to inspire hope and demonstrate the potential for positive change. Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s actions have not only touched the lives of those directly involved but have also ignited a collective appreciation for the transformative power of compassion in making the world a better place.


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