Professor Peller
Professor Peller was a Nigerian magician who was assassinated in 1997. He was known for his amazing feats of magic, which often baffled and amazed onlookers. He was also known for his social activism and was a vocal critic of the Nigerian government.
On the night of his assassination, Professor Peller was performing at a nightclub in Lagos. As he was finishing his act, a gunman opened fire, killing him instantly. It is believed that the assassination was ordered by the Nigerian government, as Professor Peller was a thorn in their side.
Despite his untimely death, Professor Peller’s legacy lives on. He is still remembered as one of the most talented and charismatic magicians of his generation.

At approximately 4:00 pm, I was walking on our street for some purpose that I can’t recall now as I was still quite young then. When I reached the end of the bustling boulevard near Maisuya, an immense and excited gathering had assembled to follow a slowly advancing convoy. In its center was a gleaming white limousine with a man inside who was beaming with smiles while waving to the frenzied throng; he appeared very dapper and attractive and had dressed in white.

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The hat of Peller was also white, which really made his performance stand out. Doe commented that due to his role as a junior soldier at the time, he was unable to properly witness the event. Not only was former President Mathieu Kerekou in attendance, but Peller also had great success in Nigeria. It seemed as if there were no other magicians who could compare to him and Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the late Premier of the Western Region, was among those who admired his work one of those he used to entertain regularly.

-Peller was a prolific magician with many shows, some of which were the Invisible General, the Escaping Box, Changing Dresses, and the Zigzag. One thing with Peller’s performances is that they were executed with maximum finesse

and excellence. He was thorough and professional. Perhaps, if not for death, he might have even eclipsed David Copperfield of the USA in fame. Copperfield is presently the greatest magician on earth and the first person to make one billion dollars from magic.

As a child, he was given the nickname Moshood Olori Pupa (Moshood the Red-Headed Boy). One of his classic acts included placing his wife in a ‘magical coffin’ and cutting it in two with a sword. During Peller’s performances, there was no internet as we have now, so it was easy to deceive large crowds. Nowadays, YouTube has made it hard for magicians to amaze audiences except for the most creative ones.

He was a hit at any event, so it is not shocking that some women were taken by the bewitching illusions of Nigeria’s most renowned magician. He had multiple spouses and the most renowned of them, with whom he did his magic shows, was Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller.

All of Nigeria was familiar with Lady Peller, who is renowned for the illusion in which she was cut into pieces by Peller and then reassembled. Now at the age of 66, with her partner deceased and not having taken another spouse, she is looking after her grandchildren while recollecting fond memories of a once-splendid empire of magical entertainment. Lady Peller’s birthplace was Kishi in Oyo State; her father was the Chief Imam and had five children with him while also caring for numerous stepchildren.

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Despite the fact that many people were unaware, their supposedly harmonious marriage eventually had a serious rift to the point where they no longer resided together. When Peller was killed at his Onipanu residence, he was out of town in Lagos for an engagement while Lady Peller was living in GRA, Ikeja. Even though they weren’t officially separated yet as they still met up frequently, Peller went to check on her at Ikeja only to find she wasn’t there. At that time, they had already reconciled and were working on reuniting before the fatal shots ended Peller’s life.

Lady Peller was enraged at the fact that her husband had been taken to Ibadan for medical attention, instead of utilizing family doctors at Ajayi Memorial Hospital or EKO Hospital in Lagos. She fainted when she arrived and discovered that he had passed away. Upon awakening, she discovered family members were fanning her and a bucket of water was nearby. She said:



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