Help Me!! Should I Marry Her Because Of This?

I am an handsome, wealthy, and hardworking guy who wants to marry soon.

I have 4 lovely girlfriends and I kept the four of them because I love them so much, they are good in all aspects, good-looking and responsible but there’s a particular one I want to marry among them due to a particular reason.

I am into the four of them and I wish I can marry four of them but this particular one among them practices good Aftercare and I’ve been noticing this for a while which is making her melt my heart.

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After intercourse with this particular lady, she practices good hygiene, cleans the room, lays the bed, cooks for me, and sprays the room with a romantic air freshener, she makes sure I’m fine and cares so much but others just leave after the act and they don’t even care about anything much as they believe I will tidy the room and be fine.

I want to marry now

Should I really marry her because of this act? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Please I want to hear from you, comment below! 



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