Pastor From Ondo Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Stealing
Pastor From Ondo Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Stealing

A pastor from Iwaro Oka Akoko, located in the Akoko South-West Local Government Area of Ondo State, has been sentenced to two years in prison by the Akure Magistrate’s Court for stealing chemical substances valued at N130,000.

The pastor, identified as Friday Okeneji, reportedly carried out the theft on July 2, 2023, within the town. He broke into a chemical shop and made off with the items, but was apprehended and subsequently brought before the court.

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During the court proceedings, Okeneji pleaded guilty to the two charges of stealing leveled against him. He explained to the court that he committed the crime out of desperation for survival, as he lacked a livelihood and needed to raise N150,000 for his mother’s burial scheduled for August.

Magistrate Damilola Sekoni, in delivering the verdict, found the pastor guilty of the charges and sentenced him to two years in prison. The magistrate also provided the option for the convict to pay a fine of N100,000 instead of serving the jail term. Additionally, Sekoni advised Okeneji to make a fresh start and change his ways.


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