Over Forty Government Vehicles Hidden In Private Places Recovered
Over Forty Government Vehicles Hidden In Private Places Recovered

Benue State Asset Recovery Committee Successfully Recovers Over Forty Hidden Government Vehicles

The Benue State Asset Recovery Committee, led by Chairman Hinga Biem, has made significant progress in recovering over forty vehicles that belong to the state government. These vehicles were discovered hidden in private residences and facilities within the state.

The committee was established less than two weeks ago by Governor Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia, with the aim of retrieving all looted assets from previous administrations.

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During a media briefing at the government premises, Chairman Hinga Biem confirmed that while some vehicles have already been recovered, efforts are ongoing to locate and retrieve more in accordance with due process. It was revealed that these vehicles were purchased between 2015 and 2023 during Governor Samuel Ortom’s tenure.

The chairman expressed concern over the impact of government vehicles being concealed in private homes, emphasizing that it poses a risk to the safety of the present administration and hinders its smooth operation.

The recovered vehicles include Hilux trucks, cars, buses, and various utility vehicles.

Credit: @galaxytv


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