Oshiomhole Clarifies That Tinubu Is Not A Magician
Oshiomhole Clarifies That Tinubu Is Not A Magician

Adams Oshiomhole, the former Governor of Edo state, came to the defense of President Bola Tinubu on Sunday, emphasizing that those who voted for him as president were fully aware that he is not a magician. Oshiomhole clarified that there was no promise made during Tinubu’s presidential campaign to magically fix the country’s numerous problems within 24 hours.

In an interview on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ on Sunday night, Oshiomhole asserted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) did not make any pledge of instant solutions or miracles. He challenged the interviewer to provide any document where such promises were made.

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Oshiomhole highlighted that resolving issues like fuel price hikes, unemployment, and other challenges cannot happen overnight. He commended President Tinubu for demonstrating courage in making tough decisions, humility in admitting unintended consequences, and the determination to address these consequences.

The former president of the Nigeria Labour Congress acknowledged that the president has shown commitment to tackling issues such as subsidy withdrawal and wage adjustments in the formal sector. He also mentioned the allocation of funds to support vulnerable individuals.

Overall, Oshiomhole urged Nigerians to be realistic in their expectations, as the process of finding solutions to complex problems requires time, commitment, and sustained effort.


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