Only Men With Financial Troubles Aggressively In Clubs - Tolani Baj

Former BBNaija Star DJ Tolani Baj clarifies her controversial statement about men who dance aggressively in clubs. The popular DJ explained that it’s not about the act of dancing itself but about the motive behind it.

Tolani stated that financially unstable men often resort to aggressive dancing as a way to impress others and mask their financial shortcomings. In her latest appearance on the BTS Reality podcast, Tolani sets the record straight and sheds more light on her tweet that sparked criticism on social media.

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She said, “I feel like that tweet was misinterpreted. And that’s because I was the messenger. I feel like a lot of people understood what I meant but they chose to misunderstand me.

“If you are going to go to the club, I’m not saying you shouldn’t try to dance or be cool but why are you doing like this [dancing aggressively] and being the center of attraction?

“I would rather you sit down and admire your girl, the girl you came with let her dirty grind on you or something.”

She said even if the ladies in the club don’t want to dance, men should be cool with it and not try to steal the show.



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