Nigerian President-Elect Urges Unity And Love Across Ethnic And Religious Divides In Easter Message

In his Easter message to Nigerian citizens, President-elect Ahmed Bola Tinubu has called for an end to religious and ethnic rivalries in the country. Tinubu emphasized the importance of loving one’s neighbor, regardless of differences in language, faith, or tribe. The recent 2023 general elections were fraught with divisive comments and ethnically charged rhetoric, prompting Tinubu to urge citizens to “recommit ourselves to edifying and patriotic pursuits in the interest of our nation.”

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As Christians around the world celebrate Easter, Tinubu reminded Nigerians of the essential message of Christ’s ministry: to love one another. He noted that Easter represents a time of renewed hope and redemption, and symbolizes the triumph of love over hate, optimism over cynicism, and hope over despair.

Tinubu’s call for unity and love across ethnic and religious divides is particularly timely, as Nigeria has struggled with sectarian tensions and conflicts for years. By encouraging citizens to eschew divisive sentiments and embrace harmony with their compatriots, Tinubu hopes to build a peaceful, united, strong, progressive, and prosperous nation.



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