Nigerian Ambassador To Mexico Predicts A More United Nigeria Under President-elect Tinubu

As the inauguration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the 16th President of Nigeria, draws closer, the Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico, Adejare Bello, has expressed his confidence that the country will become more united under Tinubu’s administration.

Bello cited Tinubu’s antecedents, which he said had been attested to by many Nigerians at home and abroad. According to Bello, Tinubu’s leadership qualities are what Nigeria needs to consolidate the existing welding efforts, harmonize disparate interests, and inspire hope, patriotism, and oneness among its constituents.

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In addition, he stated that Tinubu would ensure that appointments are not lopsided, thereby endearing his administration to all Nigerians. Bello expressed his belief that Tinubu’s administration would be built on friendship, empathy, and togetherness, devoid of political bitterness.



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