Nigeria First Class Graduate Beaten To Death For Allegedly Stealing Bread
Nigeria First Class Graduate Beaten To Death For Allegedly Stealing Bread

Opuofoni Freeborn Ebimotimi, a first-class graduate of the University of Ibadan, tragically lost his life in Bayelsa State after being beaten to death over an alleged bread theft. The incident occurred in Honeyhill Tombia in the early hours of Sunday, as reported by Peoples’ 93.1FM in Yenagoa.

Ebimotimi, a native of the Korokorosei community in the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, was accused of stealing from a small business owner in the community. The theft sparked an alarm, which attracted an angry mob that attacked Ebimotimi.

Witnesses, including his younger sister Idisemi Opuofoni Freeborn, pleaded with the furious mob to spare his life, offering to pay double the value of the stolen bread. However, their pleas were ignored, and Ebimotimi was tragically killed.

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Idisemi shared that life had been difficult for their family since the passing of their father, and hunger drove her brother to commit the theft. She mentioned that she had been unable to continue her education since 2019 due to financial constraints after completing her WAEC exams.

The incident highlights the desperate circumstances faced by some individuals in their struggle to meet basic needs, shedding light on the need for support systems and opportunities for vulnerable members of society.

She said: “We are seven in our family and life has been hard after our father di*d. I wrote WAEC since 2019 and has not been able to proceed to the University because of funds.”


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