Nigeria Braces For Fuel Scarcity As NUPENG Joins Nationwide Strike
Nigeria Braces For Fuel Scarcity As NUPENG Joins Nationwide Strike

The Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) has instructed its members to prepare for an indefinite strike commencing on October 3rd. This move comes in response to the Nigerian government’s elimination of fuel subsidies, resulting in a considerable surge in fuel prices.

NUPENG’s members, including the Petroleum Tanker Drivers (PTD) responsible for fuel transportation nationwide, are pivotal to the country’s fuel distribution network. If NUPENG goes on strike, it could disrupt fuel supply chains and cause shortages throughout Nigeria.

The union accuses the government of lacking sensitivity to the plight of the Nigerian people, asserting that the authorities have failed to implement sufficient social safety nets to assist citizens in coping with the escalating cost of living. Additionally, NUPENG has cautioned that the strike might inflict severe damage on the Nigerian economy.

While the government has expressed its willingness to engage in discussions with NUPENG and other labor unions, it remains steadfast in its decision to eliminate fuel subsidies, refusing to reverse this policy.

This impending strike poses a significant challenge for the Nigerian government and holds potential far-reaching consequences for the nation.



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