Naira Marley Claims That Mohbad Had Contemplated Suicide
Naira Marley Claims That Mohbad Had Contemplated Suicide

Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Music, recently shed light on the concerning mental health challenges faced by his former signee, Mohbad, who reportedly made a suicide attempt.

This revelation came about during a conversation with well-known political activist Reno Omokri. According to Naira Marley, Mohbad, a 27-year-old singer, has been dealing with recurring emotional breakdowns, and during one of these distressing moments, he expressed a desire to end his own life.

It’s important to note that this disclosure followed a public feud between Naira Marley and Mohbad, with Naira Marley accusing Mohbad of having malicious intentions towards him.

Naira Marley revealed that Mohbad had confided in him about the turmoil he was experiencing, emphasizing that only his parents could truly understand his struggles and provide the necessary support.

During their conversation, Reno Omokri urged Naira Marley to provide a recording of their dialogue, as Naira Marley claimed to have recorded it. Such evidence could potentially shed more light on the seriousness of Mohbad’s mental health issues.

It’s worth mentioning that Naira Marley had previously released a video featuring Mohbad’s parents, where they appealed for understanding and support on behalf of their troubled son. This plea came shortly after Mohbad allegedly threatened to take his own life, underscoring the gravity of his emotional struggles.

In related developments, the Nigeria Police have not yet disclosed the results of the autopsy conducted on the late singer’s body.

Naira Marley has also expressed concern for his own safety and has offered to return to the country if assurances regarding his security can be provided.



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