Mohbad’s Father Reveals Shocking Details About Late Singers Wife
Mohbad’s Father Reveals Shocking Details About Late Singers Wife

The demise of Nigerian artist Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has captured public attention as authorities and the police work to uncover the mystery surrounding his untimely death.

During a Coroners Inquest held on Wednesday to probe the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing, his father made startling accusations about his wife’s infidelity. Allegedly, she would mix sleeping pills in his meals and engage in relationships with one of his associates while residing in the same house.

Mohbad’s father expressed deep suspicion towards his wife, particularly because all of the singer’s assets are registered under her mother’s name.

“Wunmi was extremely unfaithful to my son,” he revealed. “He told me she used to drug his food with sleeping pills and would be involved with one of his associates in a separate room within the same house.”

“I have no trust in Wunmi whatsoever. My son informed me that all the paperwork for his properties are still in Wunmi’s mother’s possession to this day.”

When discussing his relationship with his late son, Mohbad’s father shared that they lived together for 18 years, during which Mohbad never fell ill. Mohbad left home at the legal age to assist Naira Marley and pursue a music career. They had reconciled, and Mohbad even gifted his father a car as a gesture of goodwill.

Mohbad’s father’s shocking revelations have sparked controversy online. Some believe the family is attempting to implicate Wunmi in Mohbad’s death, while others accuse her directly.

One commenter, Ladyque, remarked, “So he knew Wunmi was unfaithful and still trusted her with all his properties? God, please.”

Wendy Adanma wrote, “Oh my! Wunmi must be tormented during this time. What a mess?”

DJ Reeves UK questioned, “Your son told you that Wunmi used to drug his food with sleeping pills and have relationships with his associates in a different room within the same house. As a father, what did you do when you were informed?”

Ilechukwu Victoria stated, “His wife is a traitor. She needs to be investigated. She contributed to Mohbad’s death.”

Sandra Love commented, “This man will say anything to acquire Mohbad’s property.”

Rebe Cabla expressed, “It seems property is this man’s only concern, I swear.”

Lenata Naso said, “This man doesn’t seek justice for his son. He is only after the property.”

Mohbad’s father’s claims align with statements made by Mohbad’s friend, Micee, who accused Wunmi of having an affair with the late singer’s female manager during an interview with Very Dark Man. Micee asserted that Mohbad was aware of the affair and had video evidence sent by his manager.

Clearly, conflicting accounts and allegations surrounding Mohbad’s wife are emerging, with additional details surfacing from his close friends and associates.


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