MohBad Wanted To Study Accounting, Had Good Results; I Was Surprised He Joined Marlian Group – Former School Principal
MohBad Wanted To Study Accounting, Had Good Results; I Was Surprised He Joined Marlian Group – Former School Principal

Abidemi Faboye, the founder and head of Abifab College in Ikorodu, Lagos State, the secondary school attended by the late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, has shared some cherished memories of the artist.

Faboye revealed that Mohbad had aspirations to study Accounting and had shown promise in school, particularly improving in subjects like mathematics and financial accounting.

In an interview with PUNCH, the former school principal expressed his surprise upon learning that Mohbad had become a member of the Marlian group, and he had doubts about whether Mohbad “could adapt to such a group.”

He recounted, “I first got to know him when he enrolled in my school in 2013. His older sister, Blessing, also graduated from the school in 2013. He had transferred from a public school, and he was a reserved young man. He was tall and slender. It was only years after secondary school that he gained some weight.

“He was 17 years old, slightly more mature than some of his peers. He sat for the National Examination Council senior secondary certificate exam in 2015 and passed all his papers in one sitting. He spent two years at the school, and there was a positive transformation in his life. He often referred to me as ‘daddy.’ I preferred my students to address me as ‘Abifab’ or ‘Mr. Abifab,’ but he found it difficult to do so. Whenever Promise (Ilerioluwa) called me ‘daddy,’ I would encourage him to call me ‘Abifab,’ but he would just laugh.

“He was enrolled in the commercial class and achieved good results. I wouldn’t say he was a top-tier student, but he consistently performed above average. He was an easygoing individual who occasionally played but never caused any trouble.

“He aspired to study Accounting, and I informed him that mathematics was a prerequisite for that course. Consequently, he worked on improving his skills in mathematics and financial accounting.

“When I learned that he had joined the Marlian group, I was taken aback. I questioned whether he could adapt to such a group. Despite his maturity, I believed he might have associated with a few others who joined the record label. I prayed for him and hoped that God would protect him because we had infrequent communication after he left school.

“Many of us, including his teachers, were surprised. We were all astonished when we learned about ‘Imole’ (his stage name, Mohbad). I wasn’t familiar with afrobeats music until one day my daughter informed me, ‘Do you know Uncle Promise is now Mohbad?’ I reached out to him via Messenger, and he shared his phone number with me. His father worked as a carpenter, and as a student, he frequently assisted his father. He learned carpentry from his dad, who also served as a pastor.”

The former principal continued, “If people like us had been aware of his issues with his record label, we would have intervened and spoken with them. I believe he would have listened to reason. Not all musicians are involved in criminal activities. There are artists who are not criminals, and he was one of them. When he faced those challenges, he didn’t reach out to the right people. He should have involved his mother and father because he was raised by his stepmother. His mother is alive but separated from his father, who had a second wife. He made efforts to reconcile his mother with his father, and I believe he accomplished that before his untimely death.”



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