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Mob Beats Lagos Policeman To Stupor For Pushing Man Crushed By BRT

Mob Beats Lagos Policeman To Stupor For Pushing Man Crushed By BRT
Mob Beats Lagos Policeman To Stupor For Pushing Man Crushed By BRT

An unidentified police officer was severely beaten by an angry mob following an incident in the Ketu area of Lagos State, where a man named Yusuf was struck by a BRT bus after allegedly being pushed by the policemen. Eyewitnesses recounted that the police officers were attempting to forcibly take Yusuf’s vehicle when the situation escalated, resulting in him being shoved onto the BRT lane.

During this chaotic sequence, a BRT bus traveling on the lane collided with Yusuf, causing him to collapse due to the force of the impact. A witness, who preferred anonymity, firmly blamed the policemen for Yusuf’s distress, emphasizing that he suffered injuries of varying severity due to their actions.

“The responsibility lies with the policemen; they were attempting to forcibly take the man’s vehicle, and in the course of trying to remove him from the vehicle, he was pushed onto the BRT lane, leading to an oncoming bus hitting him,” the witness recounted.

Another bystander, who spoke hurriedly amid the commotion, described how the policemen tried to flee after realizing that Yusuf had been hit by the BRT bus. The furious crowd managed to apprehend one of the officers.

“People in the crowd thrashed the policeman until he lost consciousness. He has not died, as I noticed he was still breathing. The crowd was infuriated by what they had done to the man,” the witness stated.

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Yusuf, who lay motionless on the BRT lane, received assistance from concerned individuals who rushed to the scene. Attempts were made to revive him by splashing water on his face. Meanwhile, officers from the Ketu Divisional Police Station arrived to assist their fellow officer, who also appeared incapacitated on the ground.

The assaulted officer’s uniform bore the signs of the attack, with tears and damage resulting from the assault by the enraged mob. People on the scene expressed their frustration, squarely blaming the police officers for causing the accident.

While attending to Yusuf’s injuries, which included a deep cut on his right arm from the collision, observers rushed him into a vehicle for immediate medical attention.

Additional police personnel from the Ketu Division were deployed to restore order at the scene. The unidentified police officer was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment.

When contacted, the State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, assured that he would provide further information to our correspondent. However, as of the time of filing this report, no response had been received.



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