Minister Festus Keyamo Has Good News For The Obidients Who Have Lost Their Way

Festus Keyamo, the Minister of (State) Labour and Employment, has urged Nigerians to put aside religious and ethnic differences and come together to move the country forward.

In a post on his verified Twitter handle on Sunday, he addressed the “Obidients” and advised the reasonable ones, whom he described as patriots, to exit the dishonorable group and join hands with the elected president.

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Keyamo claimed that the Obidients were reacting to every perceived enemy with curses and swearing, a sign of a weak mentality. He stated that anyone who refused to join hands with the incoming administration would be living in bondage. Let us all come together to build a stronger, more united, and prosperous Nigeria.

Part of his tweet read, “Just one audio sent them into a pitiful tailspin with close aides confirming and denying the audio all at the same time like a ragtag army.

“And with the avalanche of criticisms from unlikely quarters in the last few days, they have completely lost it. They are cursing and swearing at every perceived enemy and are beginning to sound forlorn. It is evidence of a weak mentality.

“But I have good news for them: it is time for the reasonable ones who are patriots amongst them to quickly exit that ignoble bubble and join hands with the in-coming administration to move this country forward. Anything short of that would be tantamount to continuously ‘living in bondage’!”


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