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MC Oluomo Distributes Relief Measures to Commercial Drivers and Passengers in Lagos

MC Oluomo Distributes Relief Measures to Commercial Drivers and Passengers in Lagos
MC Oluomo Distributes Relief Measures to Commercial Drivers and Passengers in Lagos

MC Oluomo’s Parks and Garages in Lagos State to Operate Normally Amidst Planned Protest

Amidst the planned protest by the organized labour, Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya (MC Oluomo), the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks and Garages (LASPG), has announced that the transporters under his agency will not be participating.

During a meeting with transport union leaders and operators on Tuesday, Akinsanya revealed that around 50,000 agency members will not be joining the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) planned protest scheduled for Wednesday.

Instead, the LASPG management has decided to alleviate the burden on drivers by reducing ticketing fees by 25%. This reduction applies to commercial bus drivers, motorcycle (okada), and tricycle (Keke Marwa) operators, resulting in lower booking costs at their respective parks. For instance, where drivers previously paid N800, they will now pay N600.

Passengers will also benefit from this reduction, as fares for certain routes will be adjusted. Routes that formerly charged N500 will now cost N300, while commuters who used to pay N200 will now pay N150.

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This decision follows an earlier announcement by the state governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, regarding a reduction in bus fares.

Akinsanya emphasized that a task force has been established to oversee the implementation of this directive and ensure compliance. He also stated that penalties will be imposed on those who fail to adhere to the new measures.

The task force will be composed of state executives, parks’ chairmen, and selected union leaders, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

Akinsanya explained, “We have concluded that we will not be part of any strike or protest rally being planned to draw the Federal Government’s attention to the issue being debated in the country. All transport families and members will be at work to convey people to their various destinations without a problem because the Lagos State government has announced some interventions in the sector.”

He further stated that the Lagos State government’s palliative measures, including a 50% reduction in government public transport and a downward review of yellow bus fares, will help alleviate the impact of the subsidy removal.

Concluding his statement, Akinsanya firmly rejected any form of strike or protest by organized labour or any other group, urging all members of the Lagos State Parks and Garages to carry on with their normal duties without fear or intimidation.



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