Leke Adeboye Provides Worshipers With Complimentary Fuel And Meals
Leke Adeboye Provides Worshipers With Complimentary Fuel And Meals

Leke Adeboye, the Lead Pastor of The Bridge, Redeemed Christian Church of God in Ikeja, Lagos, took a unique step on Sunday by providing fuel for the cars of church members. This gesture was in response to the challenging situation posed by the recent increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (petrol).

In a statement released on Tuesday, it was highlighted that this initiative aimed to offer support to worshippers facing the burden of the fuel price hike and the overall rising cost of living. The innovative idea was conceived by Pastor Leke Adeboye and the head of Christian Social Responsibility for the RCCG Youth Province 1, Lagos State.

The statement elaborated, “More than a thousand liters of fuel were gathered to assist those who attended the church service with their vehicles.”

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This initiative wasn’t solely about providing fuel; it was also about empowering young individuals and taxi drivers who depend on their vehicles for their livelihood and daily expenses. In addition to receiving spiritual nourishment during the church service, those who arrived in their cars were directed to a designated filling station to have their tanks filled.

Moreover, the generosity extended beyond fuel. As part of this effort, over 500 people were also provided with nourishing meals. This act of kindness was viewed as a crucial step in fulfilling the Christian duty of social responsibility, particularly in these challenging times.

After the event, Pastor Leke Adeboye addressed the congregation, emphasizing the importance of using resources responsibly: “You cannot use God’s fuel to engage in illegal activities; use the fuel wisely.”

In a time marked by financial uncertainty and rising costs, this initiative by Pastor Leke Adeboye served as a demonstration of care, compassion, and practical support for his congregation.


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