The Type Of Ladies Men Like

Ladies Men Like. Ever wondered why some ladies attract men more than other ladies?
Being beautiful is undoubtedly important, but it isn’t everything. A lady who is not so good-looking still can have many men falling for her. The secret to attracting men is not just being beautiful, as it definitely requires more than that.
Many things go into making a man decide which woman they want to settle down with, even though the exact things they want in a woman vary.
But a common theme is to find someone who is willing to ride the rollercoaster of life with them and who will stand by them in all situations. That is why they take time to commit.

Finding ‘the right one is a crucial decision men make in life. They put in a lot of thought. They are not only looking for a decent woman who can help them, share responsibilities, and support them when they are down but also a woman who is free-spirited, experimental, ambitious, takes care of her body, and expresses her needs and wants. Here is a list of qualities that men look for in a woman with whom they want to spend their life.

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1. Ladies with good dress sense
Men love women who are well-groomed, so take advantage of this. Girls often are confused about what to wear on their date so that their guys won’t be able to resist praising them. Wear something that is tasteful and looks great on you whenever he is around. A girl with a good dress sense knows how to look beautiful, as well as casual.
The common belief that whoever loves you won’t judge you is true but not true always. Wouldn’t you feel disappointed if your guy dressed in an untidy manner? So it is for you, good dress sense is important for you as a lady

2. Ladies with a tempting fragrance
Let your fragrance work for you when you say goodbye to him with a hug. Guys love it when their girl smells great. Spray the perfume on your wrists, around the neck, behind the ears, and under the collarbone to ensure your fragrance lasts.
You can wear different fragrances on different occasions. Buy a variety of perfumes and see which works best for you. Purchase an invigorating perfume and make it hard for your crush to resist the attraction.

3. Ladies that are honest
Real men respect an honest lady. In fact, they yearn for one. A lady that possesses the ability to be open and honest about what she wants is one that can clearly articulate how she does and doesn’t feel. There’s nothing like it. In a world full of surface interaction your candidness can be refreshing for him.

4. Ladies who make them feel like they matter
Men may not pick up subtle cues and acknowledgments. You need to be explicit in expressing that your man is special by showing him he is your top priority. In other words, make him feel like he matters.

Appreciate him when he goes out of his way to buy a gift or provide you with much-needed emotional support. Tell him that he made a difference in your life. This is important in the initial stages of a relationship where men may go out of their way to win your heart.

5. Ladies that Smile a lot (of course, not unnecessarily)
Guys go crazy for a girl’s smile. Your smile should be genuine and sweet. Don’t force a smile- otherwise, your guy may think of you as a freak. Also, when you are with him, give him all your attention and laugh at his jokes. Show him that you are happy with him. He will do the rest.

6. Ladies that are Supportive
Every man needs a support system. He wants you to genuinely believe in him. There are more than enough critics in the world. Be his fan and support his worthwhile dreams. If the woman who has his heart believes in him, it will only cause him to become a better man.

7. Ladies that are Kindhearted
Men love ladies who are thoughtful, caring, loving, and kind. A woman who does little things for her man for no other reason other than that she loves him. A woman who makes him smile back whenever she smiles at him. A woman who radiates love and warmth from her heart. That is the kind of woman a man would be swooning to marry.

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8. Ladies that are Family- And Friend-Oriented
Of course, not every person is close to their family. And, it doesn’t make them bad people at all. However, every man admires a woman who values both her family as well as his. Of course, no one should be judged or punished for coming from a family that is abusive. However, the quality of making a strong, healthy connection with friends and family is much appreciated by everyone.

9. Ladies that Debate with him and don’t lose it
An attractive, vacuous girl will be interesting only for a few hours. Most men want a girl who possesses knowledge of world affairs and can debate with them logically. Genuine men actually love it when you show them that you have a high IQ.

10. Ladies that are passionate about something.
You should be passionate about something. Having a hobby and being passionate about it impresses guys.

11. Ladies that are homemakers

I am not suggesting that you walk around with an apron on all day baking biscuits. He isn’t looking for that. But, what he is looking for is someone that can turn a house into a home. He’s seeking someone who is able to give his life some much-needed balance. Yes, he needs security as well, especially when it comes to sharing his day-to-day life with you.

12. Ladies that are Empathetic And Understanding
Being supportive, compassionate, and encouraging towards your significant other plays a huge part in building a successful and happy relationship. Nobody wants to be with a person who is a Debbie Downer all the time. Men want women who support them in their endeavors or in their times of need. Life is full of hardships and challenges that any strong couple can face together, particularly a married/seriously committed one. Men sometimes need a shoulder to cry on as well.

13. Ladies that Listens To Him
Actively listening — not just absent-mindedly hearing – to what your partner is saying and responding to it is key in a successful relationship. An ideal life partner listens to one’s concerns without reacting too strongly or quickly. They also help them tackle any issues without getting defensive or angry. When a man has a partner who can hear him out when he is feeling vulnerable or has done something the woman does not like, this proves to be extremely valuable.

14. Ladies that are Respectful
A fundamental aspect of a healthy relationship is mutual respect. If you and your significant another struggle to respect each other’s bodies and boundaries, you may not be dating “the one.” Men love women who actually listen and respond to them. Men are wary of women who let them down, embarrass them, or make a fool out of them, especially in public. Most men are sensitive to criticism and excessively proud. But if done respectfully, constructive criticism from their loved ones can make them better men, lovers, brothers, fathers, and humans.

15. Ladies who share their sexual chemistry
Physical intimacy is important in adult relationships. Men want their women to be open with them about sex and confident in their sexual encounters with them. If you can radiate this confidence and openness to him, he will not only be attracted to you in the short-term but also see you as a viable long-term romantic partner. Ladies Men Like

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This opens the door for him to discuss his fantasies, what turns him on, and his sexual quirks openly. Open communication about sex is a sign of healthy relationships and is often an important factor in long-lasting relationships and marriages. This doesn’t mean you need to be more seductive or do something you’re not comfortable with. Communication in this regard is key and will help you greatly in the long term.

To be continued…

By Jolayemi Oluwadamilola
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