Jeffery Guterman Warns Tinubu's Supporters - This BAT Will Ruin Nigeria

American Mental Health Counsellor, Jeffery Guterman Slams Bola Tinubu’s Supporters for Praising Alleged Narcotics Trafficker.

The retired American mental health counselor has criticized supporters of Bola Tinubu, Nigeria’s president-elect, for defending his alleged narcotics trafficking activities. According to Guterman, the former Lagos governor is not going to bring any positive change to the country, and those who praise him should have self-respect.

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Guterman, who supports Peter Obi, emphasized that it is not about politics but about what Nigeria can gain in the next four years.

he wrote, Have some self-respect, Tinubu supporters. This BAT will not help you. He will only continue to destroy Nigeria.


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