Israel Adesanya Reclaims His Belt With A Second-round Knockout Of Pereira (Watch Video)

Incredible news! Israel Adesanya has just regained his middleweight UFC title belt in a highly anticipated rematch against Alex Pereira. The fight was a non-stop display of skill and power from both fighters, but Adesanya emerged victorious in the second round with a devastating knockout punch that sent Pereira crashing to the ground.

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Adesanya’s triumph not only secures his position as one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC but also puts an end to Pereira’s reign as the middleweight champion. This was a long-awaited rematch between two fierce competitors, and Adesanya has finally avenged his previous loss to Pereira.

This thrilling battle is one for the history books, and Adesanya’s knockout punch is sure to be replayed for years to come. Congratulations to Adesanya on this impressive victory and for reclaiming his well-deserved title!

Watch video below:-




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