Is Body Count Really A Criteria To Consider Before Accepting To Marry Your Partner?

The body count is the number of people you have sex with.

For every new relationship you find yourself in, there comes a time when you and your partner speak of the past and plan for the future, especially when things are becoming pretty serious and commitment is becoming genuine.

This lady has refused the proposal of every guy that comes her way because their body count is more than 10 and she’s 30 years old believing she wants to spend the rest of her life with a virgin guy but right now she’s confused and needs help. Two guys are currently on her matter, a virgin man and one whose body count he can’t even remember

According to her, she loves the man that can’t remember his body count because he’s very kind, fun to be with, full of positive vibes, and more but the body count is her problem.

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She also loves the virgin guy because he meets what she wants but she isn’t feeling his vibes very well.
Note:- In all, they are both God-fearing and believe in God but the body count is the problem now and she’s confused at this stage.

What should she do?

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Is body count really a criteria to consider before accepting to marry your partner?

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