International Students And Passengers Voice Worries About Airlines' Relocation At Lagos Airport
International Students And Passengers Voice Worries About Airlines' Relocation At Lagos Airport

Passengers at Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos are expressing their concerns over the recent directive from the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, to relocate airlines to the new terminal at the airport. This directive, which came as a surprise, set a deadline of October 1, 2023, for airlines to make the move. However, the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria forcefully relocated international carriers to the new facility last Wednesday, causing confusion and anxiety among travelers.

While the airport’s expansion and development are important for the region, this sudden relocation has raised worries among international students and passengers alike. International students who depend on frequent flights to their home countries are particularly concerned about the potential disruptions and inconveniences this relocation may cause. Many of them had already booked their flights well in advance and fear that these changes could lead to missed connections and increased travel time.

In conversations with a group of international students studying at various institutions in Nigeria, the majority expressed disappointment and apprehension over the minister’s decision. Adekemi Awomolo, a passenger, expressed her distress and highlighted concerns about the abrupt and unplanned nature of the notice. She pointed out that such short notice could disrupt airline operations and create uncertainty among passengers.

Awomolo also mentioned the possibility of being redirected to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, which would not only inconvenience travelers but also raise logistical and travel arrangement concerns. She believes that the government should have employed better strategizing and planning, suggesting a gradual reduction in the number of airlines operating at Terminal One to allow for a smoother transition.

Another passenger and student, Segun Odutayo, expressed disappointment and frustration regarding the timing and lack of consideration by the government and aviation ministry. He emphasized the need for a more extended notice period for any flight changes, allowing travelers to adequately plan and make alternative arrangements.

Bukola Adebayo, an international student, voiced concerns about the impact of the airline relocation on his travel plans. He believes that the notice given for the relocation is short, especially considering that this period is a peak time for international students traveling out and the end of summer vacation for many. Flight time changes have already affected his plans, and he worries about disruptions to his academic schedule.

Dr. Kingsley Nwokoma, the President of the Association of Foreign Airlines and Representatives in Nigeria, expressed apprehension about Terminal Two’s capacity to accommodate all foreign airlines and stakeholders effectively. He pointed out that the short notice has disrupted network punctuality, leading to flight cancellations, delays, and other issues. He also raised safety concerns regarding the parking of large aircraft at Terminal Two and the potential financial losses and lawsuits facing airlines and the inconvenience for passengers.

In addition, Dr. Nwokoma emphasized the impact on students who need to reach their final destinations promptly for the start of their studies. Delays and disruptions in their travel plans may pose significant problems.

In contrast, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo, Chairman of United Nigeria Airlines, viewed the relocation as a necessary step for airline operators to access modern facilities that would streamline their operations.

In conclusion, the sudden relocation of airlines at Lagos Airport has raised valid concerns among passengers, particularly international students, and airline operators. Adequate planning, clear communication, and consideration of the impact on travelers are essential to mitigate these concerns and ensure a smooth transition.


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