I Received Threats Due To My New Film About Herdsmen, Reveals Chloe Coko
I Received Threats Due To My New Film About Herdsmen, Reveals Chloe Coko

Chloe Toka-McBaror, also known as Chloe Coko, a film producer, has revealed that she faced death threats from unidentified individuals due to her recent movie titled ‘Herdsmen’.

In a communication shared with Saturday Beats, she emphasized that her primary intention behind creating the film was to unveil the truths underlying banditry in Northern Nigeria.

She expressed, “During the production of this movie, I encountered death threats and cautionary messages from anonymous sources, starting from the filming phase and persisting until this week. The movie’s purpose is to shed light on the violence that has fueled the actions of herdsmen in the nation.”

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When discussing the distinctive qualities of the movie, the filmmaker remarked, “The film’s true distinctiveness lies in its commitment to cultural authenticity and its exploration of significant societal issues. We dedicated extensive time to researching and accurately portraying northern Nigeria with the utmost respect, and this process spanned several years. We highlighted the rich traditions and customs that often go unnoticed in mainstream cinema.”

Chloe, who is married to fellow filmmaker Toka McBaror, also conveyed her aspiration for the movie to educate the public that not all kidnappers are associated with herdsmen.


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