Heartbreaking: Davido Reveals How His Fame Leads to Bullying of His Daughter at School

David Adeleke, famously hailed as Davido, candidly unraveled the bittersweet consequences that his meteoric rise to stardom has wrought upon his beloved family.

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In a captivating tête-à-tête on the ABtalks podcast, Davido bared his soul, acknowledging the tantalizing perks that accompany his fame, while poignantly shedding light on the profound toll it has taken on his precious daughter and cherished kin.

He said “

I would lie to you if I say I don’t like fame but it has its good and bad parts, I get anything I want but it gets stressful because it affects the private aspect of my life and my family.

“My daughter was even getting bullied in school because she was my daughter. So fame has good sides but also bad sides.

“My sister had to move her kids out of school because they knew the kids were my nieces/nephews, and it was weird because of how people treated them, so now they are in different schools, and when they know they are related to me it is always crazy.”





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