Godswill Akpabio Sworn In As Senate President

Former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, was sworn in as the 13th Senate President on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. Akpabio, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was elected by his colleagues in a secret ballot. He defeated his rival, Abdul’Aziz Abubakar Yari, by a vote of 63 to 46.

Akpabio’s election is a major victory for the PDP, which has been in the minority in the Senate since the 2019 elections. The party is hoping that Akpabio’s leadership will help it to regain control of the Senate and to pass legislation that is favorable to its interests.

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In his acceptance speech, Akpabio pledged to work with all members of the Senate, regardless of their political party affiliation. He also promised to be a fair and impartial leader who would uphold the rule of law.

Akpabio’s election as Senate President is a significant development in Nigerian politics. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to unite the Senate and to pass legislation that is in the best interests of the country.



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