Fuel Price Hike: Lagos Workers Adopt Shift Operations
Fuel Price Hike: Lagos Workers Adopt Shift Operations

Due to the recent increase in the pump price of petrol (Premium Motor Spirit, PMS) from N488 to between N568 and N617 per liter, civil servants in Lagos State have adopted shift operations to cope with the impact of the increment. Consequently, private vehicle owners in Lagos are opting for public transportation, leading to reduced traffic congestion on highways across the state. Many residents are resorting to trekking due to the exorbitant fares, resulting in the metropolis becoming a ghost town with fewer passengers using commercial buses and taxis.

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Civil servants, as well, are feeling the hardship and have shifted to work on a rotational basis to mitigate the financial strain. Many workers and residents have shared their challenges in coping with the economic situation, expressing their struggles to afford the increased transport fares. Commercial bus drivers have hiked fares significantly, making commuting much more expensive.

Some ministries have adopted a one-day-on, one-day-off approach for their workers to limit the number of days at work and ease the financial burden caused by the fuel price hike. Despite these measures, most workers still report to their offices regularly, with some thankful for the provision of staff buses that help with transportation.

Residents and workers alike are concerned that the new subsidy regime, endorsed by the APC-led administration, is exacerbating the already difficult economic situation in the country and call for urgent action to address the issue.


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