For Six Months, Mohbad Stayed Hidden Due To Fears Of Potential Attacks - Says Parents
For Six Months, Mohbad Stayed Hidden Due To Fears Of Potential Attacks - Says Parents

The parents of the deceased singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, known as Mohbad, testified before the Coroner’s Inquest investigating their son’s death. They revealed that Mohbad refrained from attending shows for six months due to the constant threats, harassment, and bullying he faced from his former label owner, Naira Marley, and his associate, Sammy Larry.

According to Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, his son feared going out for half a year. Mohbad expressed concerns about potential repercussions related to a substance he had consumed during an encounter with the NDLEA (Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency). On the day Mohbad was injured, he claimed to have seen Naira Marley and his associates, stating that such attacks had become customary.

Mohbad’s mother, Abosede, shared her son’s experiences, stating that he lived in fear when he was with her. Mohbad alleged that Naira Marley collected all earnings from his performances due to an incomplete three-year contract. She revealed that Mohbad’s fear intensified after attending a show forced upon him by Naira Marley.

Additionally, she described an incident where Mohbad rushed to Naira Marley’s house after learning that the NDLEA had raided it, taking away his brother and others. Mohbad argued with the NDLEA officers, became thirsty during the confrontation, and felt unwell after drinking water given to him. Mohbad later told his mother that Naira Marley wanted to kill him.

Despite Mohbad’s warnings, his mother openly shared these details during her testimony. Mohbad’s father also testified, revealing that they buried Mohbad quickly because the mortuary had rejected his body. He pointed out the burial site on their land and described the blood-soaked clothes found in Mohbad’s room on the day of his death.


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