Femi Otedola Has Revealed An Ambitious Business Strategy
Femi Otedola Has Revealed An Ambitious Business Strategy

Just three months after selling 2.8 million units of his shares in Geregu Power Plc, where he held a majority stake, businessman and investor Femi Otedola is embarking on a new ambitious business venture. Teaming up with the Lagos State government and the African Development Bank (AfDB), he is spearheading a power transmission project.

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This collaboration will take the form of a Public-Private Partnership, and if successful, it will mark the first private individual-led power transmission project in Nigeria. The recent signing of the electricity act has opened opportunities for public-private partnerships to drive investment in the power sector. Lagos State, being Nigeria’s largest economy and the fifth-largest in Africa, is keen on fully leveraging this potential to establish a sustainable electricity market.


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