Davido Opens Up About the Pain of Losing His Son

In a recent interview, Afrobeats superstar Davido opened up about the pain of losing his son, Ifeanyi, who drowned in a swimming pool in October 2022.

“I miss him every day,” Davido said. “There are tears coming out of my eyes every morning, you don’t have to see it.”

Davido said that he was initially hesitant to release his latest album, “Timeless,” because he didn’t want it to be a “sad” album. However, he ultimately decided to release the album because he felt that his fans needed to hear his music.

“I know how many people love me,” Davido said. “I know how many people are depending on me. I have to be strong for them.”

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Davido said that he believes that his son, Ifeanyi, and his late mother, Mrs. Veronica Adeleke, are dancing to his songs in heaven.

“I know they’re up there,” Davido said. “They’re proud of me.”

Davido’s story is a heartbreaking one, but it is also a story of strength and resilience. Davido has shown the world that he is a man who is capable of great love and great pain. He is an inspiration to us all.


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