Davido Donates N237 Million To Orphanage Homes Across Nigeria
Davido Donates N237 Million To Orphanage Homes Across Nigeria

Davido, the acclaimed Afrobeats star, has generously contributed a total of N237 million to several orphanage homes across Nigeria. The singer shared this remarkable news through a statement posted on his social media platforms on Thursday.

In the statement, Davido revealed that the donation was made through The David Adeleke Foundation (DAF). He expressed his dedication to assisting the less privileged and further emphasized his commitment to such noble causes.

The donation process was carried out under the guidance of Mrs. Titi Adebayo, the chair of the DAF Disbursement Committee. The foundation successfully distributed the funds to 424 orphanages, benefiting an impressive total of 13,818 children.

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Davido established the DAF in 2022 with a strong desire to continually support others and create an effective framework for ongoing charitable endeavors to benefit the people of Nigeria. Through the foundation, he has raised millions of Naira and disbursed much-needed funds to hundreds of orphanages, significantly improving the lives of countless children.

The success of his previous donations, particularly after his birthday in 2021, deeply touched Davido’s heart, as he received numerous letters and messages from those who benefited from his generosity. This motivated him to establish the DAF to further pursue its mission effectively.

In October 2022, the DAF reached out to compassionate Nigerians, seeking their support in raising funds for the less privileged across the country. Thanks to the generous contributions from individuals and corporations from various sectors and regions, the DAF successfully raised a substantial sum of N237 million.

Davido expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all individuals and corporations who assisted in raising the donation sum, acknowledging that their unwavering support and kindness made this significant contribution possible.

The David Adeleke Foundation remains resolute in its mission to uplift and support vulnerable communities across Nigeria. Initiatives like this substantial donation to orphanages continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.


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