Court Summons Igp, Ilorin Chief Imam, And Others Over Detained Isese Activists In Kwara
Court Summons Igp, Ilorin Chief Imam, And Others Over Detained Isese Activists In Kwara

A Federal High Court in Lagos has taken a significant step in response to the arrest and remand of three Isese adherents in Kwara State. The court summoned nine individuals and entities directly linked to the incident, seeking to address the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Mr. Adegbola Abdulazeez (Tani Olorun), Madam Efunsetan Abebi Aniwura Olorisha (Iya Osun), and Chief Ademola Olawoore (Baba Tede).

The summons includes prominent figures such as the Inspector-General of Police, the Kwara State Police Commissioner, the Kwara State Government, the Registered Trustees of Council of Ulama (Islamic Clerics), Justice Salihu Mohammed (Executive Secretary of Council of Ulama), Sheikh (Dr) Mohammad Bashir Saliu (Chief Imam of Ilorin and Chairman of Council of Ulama), Alfa Abdulsalam Baba Tonile Okuta-Agidi, Kwara State Magistrates Court in Ilorin, and the Nigerian Correctional Service in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The three Isese adherents were detained at a correctional facility in Ilorin, Kwara State, for allegedly insulting prominent Muslim clerics in the state.

Justice Akintayo Aluko summoned all nine parties while granting parts of the requests outlined in a motion exparte presented by lawyer Olukoya Ogungbeje.

The reliefs and declarations sought by the lawyer include an interim order restraining the respondents from actions that violate the rights of traditional religion adherents as enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution. The lawyer also sought an order compelling the provision of security arrangements for traditional religion adherents during cultural festivals.

Furthermore, the motion sought the unconditional release of Mr. Adegbola Abdulazeez (Tani Olorun) and Madam Efunsetan Abebi Aniwura Olorisha (Iya Osun) from custody, and the issuance of service on the relevant respondents.
Justice Aluko granted some of the reliefs and ordered the issuance of a hearing notice to all nine respondents. The court is scheduled to reconvene on September 9 to further deliberate on the remaining reliefs.

The court’s actions highlight the importance of protecting individuals’ rights and addressing the circumstances that led to the detention of the Isese adherents, marking a significant development in the ongoing case.


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